Final Year Design Project…..

26 09 2008

Tractor concept
Merlyn Gray

This concept takes a look at the agricultural tractor and aims to improve it by addressing issues of stability, ground compaction, traction and driving characteristics. Combining the advantages of tracked and wheeled tractors, the project challenges current constraints and limitations and creates a more effective product for the agricultural market. By incorporating a de-mountable driven unit with tracks situated between the axles, traction is improved, vehicle weight diffused and maneuverability in the field enhanced. When the tracked unit is not required, the void under the chassis can be utilized to pick up a range of attachments using an onboard mechanism. The driver has a commanding 360 degree view from the cab which, combined with the rotating cab, results in improved vision and vehicle control.



2 responses

3 02 2013

Very impressive!

26 01 2017
Ralph luku

Hi, this design is one of best..well it equip with modern technology. .good power..agricultural use..make sure it suit to any ground. .it’s worth to buy

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